About me

I've had an interest in photography since my teens, when my father decided that on my eighteenth birthday ,"I'm going to get you a proper camera" - and promptly bought me a Ricoh FF-9. Many hundreds of processed films later, I decided in 2003 to invest in my first digital camera - a Pentax Optio 330GS, and this was used for several of the nature photographs in the Gallery. By 2007, I was wanting more flexibility and control, and so invested in my first DSLR, a Canon 350D. The quality of the pictures it produced spurred me on to shoot more and more, and then the opportunity came at the turn of 2008 to trade up to full-frame - and so a Canon 5D became my main camera. Photography has developed into a real passion of mine - I see potential shots around me all the time - and I hope that you find the images to your liking too.

Welcome to PhotoPixels!

My philosophy for taking photographs is simple - I shoot what I think tells the story of a moment, and what I find pleasing. Feel free to browse through the Gallery to see my portfolio of work.

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